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“SLIMLINE a brainchild of Deepika Bhalla was conceived on 20 th September, 1993 at Clarks Avadh,Lucknow, a Specialist in Nutrition & Dietetics and a Lady Entrepreneur with dreams in her eyes had a foresight into how the world of health & fitness will shape in the future has reached the pinnacle of success in a span of 26 years, encouraged by her doting husband Mr Deepak Bhalla, A dedicated systematic approach towards business with personalized dealing of each clients is the USP of the Company and also giving correct information with guaranteed results in weight loss has given Slimline the image of a company which delivers what it promises.

The success of the 1st Centre in 2001 at Hazratganj led to an expansion project which has opened many doors for a better future. By the end of August 2003 within two years Slimline opened its 2nd branch at Aliganj and the 3rd branch in 2007 at Alambagh.

Slimline offers you a fully equipped State of the Art Gym with strength training, cardio vascular fitness & body building along with steam & shower facilities. With so many facilities under one roof, an entire family can enjoy the experience of improving health, losing weight, beautifying themselves as they get everything all at the same time.

Down the years umpteen articles in various newspapers have extolled the virtues of the great work done by Slimline in the field of Weight loss and Fitness. 26 years have thus passed with many miracles happening and many successful weight loss clients singing praises expressing their gratitude at the change they achieved in their body and which changed their lives forever.

After 26 Years of service Slimline Wellness Company is presenting itself in the new avatar of a company that believes in giving the best in health & fitness and has upgraded facilities like CrossFit, Aerobics, Zumba, Kickboxing & Heath Bar.

Today, the situation at Slimline can be described as chrysalis of a butterfly wherein this company manged single handily under the guidance of Mrs Deepika Bhalla with the support of her team, and has emerged into a beautiful fully fledged butterfly which is ready to take flight into the highest of skies.

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