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“Mrs Deepika Bhalla did B.Sc. H.Sc. (Hons.) & then Business Management from IMM. 26 Years ago she had a dream which took shape in the form of Slimline. Her versatile & encouraging husband Mr Deepak Bhalla has been her constant guiding force down the decades to the extent that he has made her dreams come true of running three complete Slimming & Fitness Centres in a professional way as you can see today. Deepika Bhalla, the nutritionist is a retired Airforce Fighter Pilots daughter and has had a versatile upbringing which made her more competent in handling people from all walks of life during her career down these 26 years.

She is a doting mother of two. Deepika Bhalla has been Chairperson of Lucknow Ladies Circle – 84 which is affiliated to Ladies Circle India and Ladies Circle International and was awarded many National Awards for her social work. She is the founder Chairperson of Tangent India Lucknow chapter which is a part of Round Table India.

She has been felicitated by Lucknow Traders Association & duly honoured by Smt Rita Bahuguna (Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha) as the Woman Entrepreneur award for the year 2015 – 2016. She has done major Charitable work at Mahila Pratikosht Sansthan & donated her Salons for the professional training of girls rescued from indescribable situation.

She has been honoured by the same with a plaque of her name at the safe house. She has been a Fitness secretary of LCBA – Lucknow Cosmetologist and Beautician association of Lucknow and is actively participating in seminar workshops held regularly.

She is often invited as a guest lecturer at the Plastic Surgery Department of KGMU Lucknow and has been invited many times for Live Chat Shows on DD National Channel, AIR FM and Radio City 91.1 for health talks.

She has been invited as Chief Guest & Judge on many prestigious occasions. Her talks as a Nutritionist are highly valued. Being such a competent person and a total professional in her field of Nutrition and Dietetics, Mrs Deepika Bhalla now has many a feather in a cap and shall continue flying high for many years to come.

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